Laser Therapy

The Alto Tiburon Veterinary Hospital

25 North Knoll Road
Mill Valley, CA 94941




 Alto Tiburon proudly introduces the Class IV Medical Laser

The Class IV Laser is not a surgical (cutting) laser.  It stimulates the mitochondria in cells to speed healing and decrease inflammation & pain.  It can be used as an ancillary treatment for degenerative joint disease, tendon injuries, intervertebral disc disease, hot spots, lick granulomas, ear hematomas, chronic ear infections, bladder inflammation, etc., and can reduce the healing time of surgical incisions by 50%.  As with other lasers, your pet's eyes need to be protected from the beam, but it is an extremely safe treatment modality.  There are very few contraindications to its use, but it generally cannot be used on tumors of any kind.  Please ask our staff whether the laser would be appropriate in the treatment of your pet.