Alto Tiburon Veterinary Hospital

25 N. Knoll Rd.
Mill Valley, CA 94941


This page is under construction.  Please check back often for more information about our wonderful staff members! 

Stephanie - Practice Manager

Stephanie is an extraordinarily gentle, tender, and caring nurse.  She has been passionate about animals and their care her entire life.  She has a Bachelor's degree in Geography/Environmental Studies from San Francisco State and is especially interested in wildlife conservation.  Before coming to Alto Tiburon, she worked as a wildlife care and rescue technician for the Peninsula Humane Society, and she has also volunteered at the Marine Mammal Center.

One of the most significant experiences of Stephanie's life was an internship at a big cat sanctuary in Namibia. There, she developed an intense, loving, and personal relationship with a cheetah named Athena. Her profound connection with this magnificent animal was transformative. Stephanie's path was clear: her life's work would be with animals.

Stephanie is patient and kind with our most frightened and challenging patients. Her empathy and compassion give her an extraordinary capacity to know exactly how to help each patient feel safe and secure. Stephanie comes from a large and loving Greek American family and is newly married to a wonderful lawyer named Noti. Stephanie and Noti are the proud parents of a slightly needy Jack Russell Terrier named Whiskey.



 Candace - Veterinary/Surgical Assistant


Elizabeth (Lizzie) - Veterinary/Surgical Assistant


Virginia - Receptionist


A. J. (Anna Julia) - Veterinary/Surgical Assistant



 Jefferson - Veterinary/Surgical Assistant


Leslie - Veterinary Assistant



Margaret - Office Manager

Margaret grew up on 85 acres of land in upstate New York with her 5 brothers, 23 cats, 3 dogs, 2 rabbits (that somehow turned into dozens), parakeets and fish. She graduated with a BS in history and elementary education but ended up handling insurance property and casualty claims for 34 years. She moved to California in 1973 to escape winter forever.
In 2004 her paper pushing skills were needed at ATVH and she retired from insurance and moved into part-time work with her true love - animals.  She loves traveling and outdoor activities such as sailing, hiking, gardening, camping and walking with her poodles, Carly and Rocky Rhodes.



Our Beloved Hospital Cat

Sid came to us from a hard life on the streets, but domesticated quickly, and spent a magical 7 1/2 years with us.  He won the hearts of our staff and clientele, and even befriended many of our patients.  He was quick to comfort, and became quite a healer himself.  Unlike most self-respecting cats, he enjoyed posing in costumes (see his photo section on this website), a hobby which won his way onto calendars, clocks, mugs, and mouse pads.  We miss him every day, but he has left behind an indelible legacy.


No DescriptionPrima
Mascot Emeritus

Prima was Alto Tiburon's mascot and official greeter for many years. She lived with Dr. Ohler, and was her constant companion, usually riding "shotgun" in her car.  Prima had a stellar career as a breeding dog for Canine Companions for Independence, and many of her offspring are currently working as service dogs.  In her retirement, her passion was catching frisbees and playing at the beach.  She was a role model of good behavior, patience, and kindness, and came to work with Dr. Ohler every day. 
Sadly, our dear Prima died of bone cancer in her spine in 2009.  She was an instant friend to every person and animal she ever met.  We love and miss you, Prima! 


A Girl Named Homer
Hospital Cat Emeritus

Homer was born on a farm, and lived her 18 years at Alto Tiburon.  She effectively supervised the entire staff, and motivated them (through mind control) to microwave shrimp for her 3 times per day.  Even in her later years, she had regular dates with young neighborhood tom cats.  They would meet in the parking lot, and hunt for rodents on the deer trails in the open space across the street.  Homer spent most of the day in her basket on the front desk.  She always kept things running smoothly.